Important Information

Access Retrictions
Please note that the accommodation may not be suitable for anyone with mobility problems as there are steps outside and a steep staircase within. If you would like to discuss this aspect please send us an enquiry using the CONTACT US page.

Advice and Assistance
It is the owners' policy that they will, when possible, meet the client on arrival and will explain the various aspects of the accommodation. In addition, the property is situated within about 30 yards of the owners' home and therefore any advice or assistance required should normally be available in a reasonable timescale. The owners' phone numbers will also be provided as required.
Sleeping Arrangements
Thought should be given to how the number of people can be accommodated. There is a double bed in the bedroom upstairs. In addition the sofa bed downstairs folds out to a 4-foot wide bed

Children are welcomed but the following should be borne in mind. The multi-fuel stove, if used, could constitute a hazard to smaller children and those unaccustomed to the dangers of a fire within a room. In addition, the stairs within the house are quite steep (see below) and although child-proof gates (top and bottom) are provided, this should be carefully considered before booking.

If you would like to bring a child it would be wise to discuss this with us prior to booking. To do this go to the CONTACT US page where you can send us an message with your telephone number and or email on which we
would be able to contact you.

If you wish to bring a pet you should make this clear on booking as we would like to ensure that the accommodation is appropriate for the number of people and the pet.

In the event that it is agreed it is important that it is kept under control to avoid any damage to property or nuisance to other people.

Smoking is not permitted within the accommodation at any time.

Items supplied
The following are supplied within the rental cost:
- Electric Cooker/Oven
- Microwave
- TV
- DVD / Radio / CD player
- Wireless Internet access (See below)
- Linen for the bed(s) is supplied as are towels and kitchen equipment.

All-inclusive costs
- There are no additional cost for use of electricity.
- Logs are supplied free of charge for use in the stove.

Wireless Internet Access
A wireless router has been installed for the use of our guests. If you wish to use this facility please request instructions on its use.

Although directions will be given on the use of all facilities on arrival, it is the clients' responsibility to familiarise themselves with all aspects of safety within and around the premises, including the use of the wood-burning stove. It is important to remember that these become very hot and should not be touched directly. Tools are supplied for use with the stove and it should be kept closed at all times when in operation to eliminate any danger of fire caused by sparks.

Fire precautions.
Fire alarms are fitted and will have been tested before occupancy: they should never be relocated or interfered with. 2 fire extinguishers are provided: 1 downstairs and 1 upstairs.

A Fire blanket is provided downstairs. The client should acquaint themselves with the position and operation of this equipment.
Fire escape is provided on the downstairs through the main doors and upstairs via the large window at the top of the stairs which can be fully opened. The client should acquaint themselves with the operation of this window.

The stairs to the bedroom are of the "alternate tread" type which, while perfectly safe when used correctly, should be treated with care at all times.

Liability for damage
The client will be held responsible for any damage to the property or its fixtures and fittings during their rental period.

Payment of the booking fee must be made within 2 weeks of the offer of accommodation with the balance at any time from arrival until departure. Payment can be by cash, cheque or credit/debit card in Euros or Sterling. Card payment is carried out using the PayPal funds transfer system which provides a secure method of payment over the internet.

Note: The booking fee is non-returnable except at the discretion of the owners.

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